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Red Print Ouija Bundle $50 No Code Needed

Sigil - White Decal

$ 30.99

100% Vinyl

Die Cut Decal

10"wide x 10"high


Instructions For Applying Decal:

-Make sure the surface area you wish to apply the decal is clean, dry, and free of any dirt or debris
-Remove the clear top layer with the entire decal attached from the bottom white layer
-Apply the clear top layer with decal attached on your desired object/surface. It is best to apply slowly, starting at one end, and gradually applying from one end to the other.
-Apply ample pressure throughout the decal, focusing on the decal and not the clear top layer
-Try to avoid any air bubbles or debris under the decal
-Slowly and carefully remove the clear top layer while leaving the decal behind
*PLEASE NOTE – these decals are best meant for smooth flat surfaces such as windows. BlackCraft Cult does not assume responsibility if decal is applied improperly. All sales on decals are final.

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