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Talking Snakes: Interview with Chris Kael of Five Finger Death Punch

Posted on November 17 2015

Name: Chris Kael

Age: 41

Occupation: Bassist for Five Finger Death Punch


1) Who or what inspired you to be doing what you’re doing?

The first time I saw Gene Simmons of KISS on 3-2-1 Contact, my life was forever changed.  I didn’t know exactly what he was doing; but, I knew that whatever it was?  I wanted to do that too. 

2) Favorite band right now?

Always has been and always will be KISS. 

3) Best part or touring?

Seeing the world!  I’ve had the opportunity to see so many places I’d never thought I’d see. Seeing castles, churches, parks and landscapes all across the world made possible by picking up a bass at the age of 15. 

4) Advice for up and coming bands?

Write great songs.  Without songs, none of the other stuff will make any sort of lasting difference. 

5) Life tip?

Dream big. Take calculated chances.  Listen to your inner voice.

 6) What are you grateful for?

Too much to list here! 

7) 1st tattoo and story behind it?

A TERRIBLE tattoo of Gor Gor from Gwar which has since been covered up. Friends don’t let broke friends get tattoos! 

8) Favorite quote?

My friend Tony in regards to getting x-rayed at the airport, “You ever seen the guy that invented x-rays?  No.  Because he’s fucking dead from getting too many x-rays.”

9) Favorite Blackcraft item?

The classic pentagram logo, “Believe in Yourself” tshirt. 

10) What does Blackcraft mean to you?

An opportunity to drop jaws simply by wearing a well crafted t-shirt.


Connect with Chris and Five Finger Death punch at:


Twitter:  www, 



Photo credit: Matt Bishop 


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