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Talking Snakes: Interview with Brandan Schieppati of The Iron Son

Posted on November 10 2015

Name: Brandan Schieppati

Age: 35

Place of residence: Huntington Beach, CA 

Occupation: CEO/owner of Rise Above Fitness Gym and Apparel. Personal Trainer and Online Coach. Motivational speaker. Strength and Conditioning Coach for Los Alamitos Football. Singer of The Iron Son. I am a dude that does a lot of things.

1) Who or what inspired The Iron Son project? 

I created and sang for Bleeding Through for 15 years and it was just time to stop being a full time deal. Three years ago I reached a dark place in my life. I went through a divorce, lost “friends", became dependent of negative influences, battled with mental illness (bipolar) and really lost interest in life. I told myself that I was going to take a year off from music after Bleeding Through stopped to clear my head and really find my muse for music again. Thus The Iron Son. Songs range from calling out old “friends” that completely turned their back on me when I needed them the most. I touch on the fake music industry where everyone thinks they are more important than the next person and it has turned into a two faced back stabbing parade. I basically use this to vocalize my disdain for fake mother fuckers. Not that I need the music to say it, because given the chance in person I will never shy away but I found that I can articulate through music better.

2) Will you eventually tour this project? What’s the best part of touring? 

I will tour on a limited basis. Owning a gym and being the main programming and trainer I can’t really leave for long periods of time but this music will be on stage. It is not a side project. The best part of touring for me is the connection and tension that builds in the crowd.

3) Does TIS sound completely different from your previous bands? 

I think because I have a voice that may sound different than others I will have a lazy comparison to Bleeding Through but I feel this band is darker and more pissed. More straight forward. I feel Bleeding Through was more romantic and fought the battle of emotional strife. The Iron Son is fucking balls to the wall.

4) Favorite band right now? 

As for bands i just discovered I really like While She Sleeps. I think there is a legit passion in their music. I enjoy them.

5)  Advice for up and coming bands? 

Play your music from the heart always. It might not be the trendy thing and may not make you “huge” but you will feel proud and at the end of the day. Someday no one will give a shit about your band (which is the cold hard truth) but you will know that you got your emotion out and gave it your heart and your all. I think most new bands sing about bullshit just to make money (managers make the money) and I can’t relate. I am not bitter I just have seen it all before. Play your music till it hurts in your fucking soul.

6) What are you grateful for? 

Being alive. I think at the end of the day it is that simple. I was through with life and felt no escape. I found great people in my life that I can lean on and I can’t thank them enough.

7) Life tip? 

See answers 1-6 hahahaha. Struggling with Bipolar disorder I have to wake up and think of 3 positives in my life so I can maintain a good PMA. If you struggle try this. Example your dog, you have your teeth and the Cubs made the playoffs. 3 positives.

8) Favorite quote?Never Die Easy” -Walter Payton

9) Favorite Blackcraft item? Goth Brooks. I was actually coined on tour with Bleeding Through.

10) What does Blackcraft mean to you? I means fuck you. I will do what I want and if you don’t like it then go bark up someone else tree.


You can connect with Brandan and The Iron Son at:





Twitter: @Bschieppati




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