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Talking Snakes: Interview with Joel Birch of The Amity Affliction

Posted on September 24 2015

Name: Joel Birch
Age: 33
Place of residence: Sunshine Beach, Australia
Occupation: Musician/Frontman for The Amity Affliction


1) Who or what inspired you to be doing what you’re doing?

I kinda fell into what I’m doing now, although music has always been close to me. I loved the early Screamo bands like Heroin and to some extent Fugazi, and I was lucky to meet other people with the same interests. Next thing you know I’m in a band that has zero interest in all the bands that influenced me to want to be in a band, and I happened to love it hahaha.

2) Favorite band right now?

Defeater and Foals and Run The Jewels. It’s hard to pick one when you listen to so many different styles of music.

3) Best part or touring?

The 30-60 minutes we’re on stage. That’s what makes being away from home and my family worthwhile.

4) Advice for up and coming bands?

Tour. Tour. Tour. And don’t worry about getting a label or agent or manager or any of that. When young bands sign contracts because they think they need a label, they end up fucking themselves in the long run. As much as you can, do it yourself.

5) Life tip?

Look for the positives before you succumb to the negatives.

6) What are you grateful for?

Living in general. I have a saying I always think of from one of my favorite rap groups, Atmosphere: We’re not lucky, we’re fortunate. I believe that. Work towards your goals, and don’t lose sight of the fact that you worked to get where you are. Luck is for the lottery, fortune is for the hard workers.

7) 1st tattoo and story behind it?

I got a shitty star on my forearm, I blame Blink 182.

8) Favorite quote?

It is not true that people stop pursuing dreams because they grow old, they grow old because they stop pursuing dreams.”- Gabriel Garcia Marquez

9) Favorite Blackcraft item?

Baphomet long sleeve tee for sure.

10) What does Blackcraft mean to you?

Freedom of expression, strength in oneself, an ability to self-educate, open mindedness, and above all else, a desire to affect positive change in the world, no matter how small, or large.

You can connect with Joel and The Amity Affliction at:


Photo credit:  Kaitlin Herman and  Maryam Tunio. 


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