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Talking Snakes: Interview with Andy Marsh of Thy Art is Murder

Posted on August 25 2015

Name: Andy Marsh
Age: 29
Residing in: Tour Bus 95% of the year, recording studio the other 5
Occupation: Guitarist of Thy Art Is Murder

1) Who or what inspired you to be doing what you’re doing?

Everything else seemed too achievable and too normal. All my friends were going to college and getting jobs and advancing down a very predictable path which I didn’t want to do. So I quit my job, quit my law/psych degree and started touring.

2) Favorite band right now?

Behemoth - they can do no wrong.

3) Best part or touring?Friends, food and travel. My entire network of friends was made touring and by playing music with other people. On top of that I’m a big food lover and craft beer drinker so getting to see new places and eat and drink the food is the best.

4) Advice for up and coming bands?

Work hard and don’t be waiting for a handout from a manager, an agent or a label. Practice the art of songwriting and your instruments and be genuine to who you are and what you are about.

5) Life tip?

Work harder than the person next to you and keep good company. Those people will inspire you to keep working hard. 

6) What are you grateful for? 

To be accepted by our fans and peers. Trying to play in a band always struck me as the most challenging lifestyle choice because it isn’t predictable. You don’t get a qualification and a job and advance the usual way. Many talented bands have toiled for many years before being recognized and many more without any reward or return ever. The fact that we are able to do what we do makes us very lucky and we work hard and tour hard to justify to ourselves that we’ve earned it.

7) 1st tattoo and story behind it?

I was back at my family/birth home in Hawaii for a funeral and some cousins and I got drunk and went out. I ended up buying one of their friends a burger to do a small suicidal voodoo doll thing on me.

8) Favorite quote?

“Fear is born of hope, so if you’re hopeless, you’re fearless too” - me.

9) Favorite Blackcraft item?

EVERYTHING. I have a rotating line-up of about 5 Black craft shirts that I wear on stage every night and a mad duffle bag that I keep them in. I like the ones with the Moths.

10) What does Blackcraft mean to you?

At the core of who I am and what drives my message through the lyrics of Thy Art is Murder is a hatred of religion and indoctrination, to have a brand associated with that is a wonderful thing.

You can connect with Andy Marsh and Thy is Murder at:





Photo credit:  Maik Kleinert Photography and Thomas Savage SVGE photography.


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