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Talking Snakes: Interview with Cristina Scabbia of Lacuna Coil

Posted on August 17 2015

Name: Cristina Scabbia

Age: 43
Residing in: Milano, Italy
Occupation: Singer of Lacuna coil

1) Who or what inspired you to be doing what you’re doing? 

It’s like life itself guided me to become a singer as soon as since I can remember. For a reason or another I always found myself involved with my voice in different projects. I have to admit that I didn’t even dream about being in a band but I guess my absolute love for singing brought me to where I am now.

2) Favorite band right now? 

If we’re talking about a band that released something recently I am really digging the latest Lamb of God, I love these guys. As for THE band… It will always and forever be Type o Negative.

3) Best part or touring?

I really enjoy to visit other countries, see the cultural differences and try the local foods. 

4) Advice for up and coming bands? 

Be determined and fierce but keep your feet on the ground and don’t be a dick with the people who are working around you. Being a dick doesn’t make you an instant rockstar.

5) Life tip? 

Don’t be afraid to show your true self, as your “flaws” can become your stronger point of attraction.

6) What are you grateful for? 

For the loved ones I have around me, for the fact that I made a job out of my biggest passion, for the fact that I didn’t change throughout the years and never forgot where I come from, and for the fact that I still enjoy the little things in life.

7) 1st tattoo and story behind it? 

It was a colored traditional type of sun I designed myself and tattooed on my groin. I chose this design to always remind myself I always deserve to be happy, whatever happens to me and whichever curve ball life can throw at me.

8) Favorite quote? 

“The best is yet to come”.

9) Favorite BlackCraft item? 

Every item with cats involved. My absolute faves are my Lucipurr hoodie and the Stay Positive tee. 

10) What does BlackCraft mean to you? 

It matches my taste, I like the fact that is a brand that is not afraid to stand behind an idea and I love the look and the quality of the items.

You can connect with Cristina and Lacuna Coil at: 


Photo Credit: Marta Coratella,  Amy Harris  



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